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William Averitt Prize

The William Averitt Prize for Excellence in Composition is awarded each year to an outstanding undergraduate student in the composition program at Shenandoah Conservatory. Named in honor of Professor Emeritus William Averitt, one of the founders of the program in composition at Shenandoah, this award recognizes outstanding talent in composition at Shenandoah Conservatory. All works submitted for composition juries throughout each academic year are eligible, and will be judged based on

  1. excellence of compositional craft,
  2. artistry and creativeness of ideas and
  3. clarity of execution score preparation.

Upon the completion of the Jury process, faculty will review all jury scores and submitted works. They will select single composer/work, by consensus, to be awarded the prize. The award will be officially announced at the opening night of the annual Pulitzer Prize festival, currently scheduled to take place each November of each year. Winners will receive a certificate of achievement and a performance of the winning work by a Conservatory ensemble, and the addition of the winning to the list of winners on the composition program’s website and to a commemorative plaque in the conservatory.

The winner of the 2015 William Averitt Prize for Excellence in Composition
will be announced on November 12. 2015 at Bright Box Theater.



Matthew Triplett, Mourning Diary


Winner: Julian Crowhurst, Six Significant Landscapes
Honorable Mention: this moment by Gregory C. Brown
Honorable Mention: Twenty-Eight by Steven Sanford

William Averitt